fitness begins at home


yup, it’s true.. really true.. from food that u take.. from xtvt that u do.. the way u think.. the way u behave.. the way u change yr mind.. everything.. all begins at home..

speaking of fitness, now u get a chance to hv yr mini gym at home with fitness concept.. thank god there’s one here in kelantan.. i weren’t notice this store before bcoz it is located at 3rd floor which i never ever explore..

but yesterday.. i found this store & i’m glad i found it here.. cikjah kan tgh survey treadmill.. saje je la gi tkt 3.. tiba2 terjumpa plak dgn fitness concept..

treadmill dia from various manufacturers.. mostly from US.. after berdiskusi dgn SA, i cm berminat dgn treadmill nih.. price range x lari drp budget, but still hv to think first bcoz this is a life time investment..



so, which one do you think better? i like both.. but C series boley main iPod.. harga lebih kurang je.. jd, sblm tggu treadmill, cikjah merembat ni dulu..



bila la treadmill iteww menjadi milikku.. x sabarnya nk bwk hubby tgk mana yg best.. pasni boleh kami together-gether slimkan diri..

p/s: smlm asyik bergaduh dgn widad psl dia menyibuk nk main stepper & ball.. bila dia nmpk cikjah main ball, dia nk main ball.. cikjah pun main stepper plak.. nk main stepper pulak dah.. memang kaki sibuk la anak aku sorang nih..


2 thoughts on “fitness begins at home

    • hafezahzainudin

      ekekek.. gagal merancang adalah merancang kegagalan.. oleh iteww, rancang la sebanyak mungkin… laksananya 10 thn lagik pun xpe.. at least niat tu mesti ada..

      lu kan slim.. x kan dh guhunmm kot? berat lu brp skrg? wa baru terkedek 69++..

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